#Chicken #Katsu

Chicken Katsu
#Chicken #Katsu

#Chicken #Katsu

Chook katsu – crisp chook deep-fried and topped with tonkatsu sauce. This classic eastern dish is straightforward to make and the complete family will adore it!

Fowl katsu is certainly one of my move-to matters to order at my nearby eastern eating place.  Whilst it is able to be just easy deep-fried and breaded fowl, something about it constantly just tastes so amazing.  Generally, i order it in a bento container and it comes with a mysterious brown sauce that i ought to in no way area that just paired so properly with the hen and it introduced to the allure of the dish.

Considering that i started out making eastern recipes, hen katsu has been on the pinnacle of my list of things i needed to make considering that it is so delicious and such a popular dish in both japan and right here within the states.  I was pretty amazed how easy chook katsu was to make at home, possibilities are that you have already got most (if no longer all) of the components you want to make it right on your pantry considering most of them are kitchen staples like hen, flour, eggs, and so forth.

If you don’t frequently deep-fry, don’t be too worried.  All you need to do is get the oil to the perfect temperature and just watch the chook to ensure they get satisfactory and golden brown.

My favorite way to serve bird katsu is sliced over short-grain white rice with a drizzle of the tonkatsu sauce.  Different popular options encompass the usage of it in katsu udon (a noodle dish) or in katsu curry with jap curry sauce on pinnacle of the chook.  All the options are delicious so selected what sounds satisfactory!

One final note on the sauce, it's miles referred to as tonkatsu sauce which derives from the name for fried beef cutlets (tonkatsu).  This sauce will work for both chook katsu or tonkatsu!

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