#Chicken #Rollups

Chicken Rollups
#Chicken #Rollups

#Chicken #Rollups

Chook rollups #2 - fowl and cream cheese wrapped in crescent rolls and crowned cheese - those are on the menu at the least as soon as a month! Heaven in a pan! Anybody gobbles these up - we never have any leftovers.

We both without a doubt appreciated this dish. It's far a kicked up version of my normal hen rollup dish that we love. I got 14 rolls out of this recipe. I made the entire recipe so i could consume leftovers at the same time as tadd is out of town. I would cut the recipe in half if i failed to need leftovers.

That is a brief weeknight meal. You may make the chook mixture ahead of time and just scoop and roll whilst you get home from work.

This is one among my all-time favourite dishes.  My mom made these years in the past when i was in excessive faculty and i cherished them! I've been making this dish for myself for the reason that i was in college. It is straightforward to make and absolutely right!  I ought to eat the whole pan myself!

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