#Mozzarella #Parmesan #Chicken #Casserole

Mozzarella Parmesan Chicken Casserole
#Mozzarella #Parmesan #Chicken #Casserole

#Mozzarella #Parmesan #Chicken #Casserole

This parmesan mozzarella bird bake is made along with your preferred marinara or spaghetti sauce with a couple of seasonings thrown in for properly measure! “i positive am going to overlook the both of you. You two take proper care of yourselves good enough?” my mother answered as she gave husband guy and that i a hug.

The tears i witnessed coming down her face made these days bittersweet for both folks. I had been awaiting this present day for what regarded like forever. Finally, after a little over a decade for me and at the least four years for him, hubby and i might be leaving this dusty antique navy town at the back of us.

He received orders to his first duty station as an airmen, which simply took place to be over at barksdale air force base in louisiana. I can’t even give an explanation for the multitude of feelings i had that day. I discovered myself enthusiastic about this new journey however also unhappy.

I used to be unhappy to be leaving the vicinity where i experienced my first kiss, my first coronary heart break, and my first paying process. It changed into the location in which i found out how to force and found out all those vital existence training that teens need to face. It became the place in which, after a bad day at school or paintings, i ought to come home to 2 loving and supportive parents.

It become my domestic.

And now, i used to be leaving it to make every other home, in a place that regarded far, far away. It felt like we had been buying and selling one southern state for any other, which didn’t seem proper. I felt like a trader. As we crossed the north carolina/south carolina border, i settled down in the passenger’s seat and took out a cookbook that i had purchased some weeks earlier. I tried to hold from crying as i became each page, studying the information of every page.

My eyes centered on this recipe, parmesan mozzarella fowl bake. I promised myself i might make it whilst we arrived at barksdale and after I did, i would consider my first domestic all of the way in fayetteville, north carolina.

This recipe has been in our own family due to the fact then.

How loopy it's miles to know that i picked this recipe out in a automobile ride from north carolina to louisiana! Every time i make it, i think about that thrilling bankruptcy in my lifestyles. I wouldn’t alternate it for the sector and that i wouldn’t trade this recipe either!

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